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Elton Dan & The Rocket Band live in Grand Junction

Elton Dan & The Rocket Band return to Grand Junction’s Mesa Theatre April 26th.

An Elton Dan show pays tribute to one of the all-time greatest artists ever: ELTON JOHN. Elton Dan’s rapport and stage presence is second to none and his magical piano playing has a way of engaging you in the full ELTON experience. Before you know it, you’re captivated by his incredible band including backup singers, and thrilled with the over the top costumes and high energy performances just like ELTON in days past. Elton Dan has performed for gatherings of 8,000 plus but gives each listener the feeling that they are sharing the intimate emotions of the much loved music with just them. For more information, check out Elton Dan on Facebook.

Dan has been playing the piano since he was 10 years old. His first concert he attended was the Orange County Symphony, but the concert that made him decide to play music was seeing Elton John live at Caesar’s Palace and Paul McCartney at Arrowhead Stadium. From childhood, Dan’s hero in music was Elton John for both the wonderful music he made and the humanitarian contributions the band honored. Dan has persisted in keeping the same traditions in the band he created to honor his music hero Elton John and the legacy and culture of what the Elton John Band stands for.

Today, Elton Dan and the Rocket Band play songs from seven of the Elton John albums, including the epic hit songs -“Saturday Night’s Alright”, “Daniel”, “Your Song”, “I’m Still Standing”, “Bennie and the Jets”, “Tiny Dancer” as well rotating a few treasured album cuts -“Levon”, “Sweet Painted Lady”, “Honky Cat” and “Funeral for a Friend.” They rehearse weekly. Dan has seen Elton John in concert 14 times including Sir Elton’s final US Performance at Dodgers Stadium 11/20/22 to honor the rock legend